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Academic Enrichment


All OSSP athletes  are responsible for upholding a specific GPA, which varies on an individual basis. To help athletes maintain high academic achievement, OSSP provides our athletes with academic coaching and tutoring. 

Physical Training


At OSSP, we make it a priority to provide unique programs designed to identify an athlete's weaknesses in order to develop a routine that will enhance functional movements and strengthen key areas. The programs used for OSSP athletes are integrated with the CSP programs listed on the CSP webpage.

The video below shows what it is like to be an elite OSSP athlete. 

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Our staff at OSSP make their athletes positioned as their number one priority. Each staff member is prepared to help each athlete address and recover from hardships. In addition, our staff act as role models for our athletes. In this capacity, our staff provides our athletes with guidance and security. We are proud about the relationships we build with our athletes. From the very beginning, we intend to make a positive impact in every athletes life. 
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